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Though the concept has been around for years now, it is only now that I have decided to effectively start sharing views through blogging.
This is hence my first post ever. But certainly a trail-blazer to many more I will be writing. My aim is to reflect on issues affecting me, my country and broadly life in general. I will mostly be blogging in English, which is unfortunately not the language of my education. But then, the audience I am targeting is mainly English-speaking.
Some posts will also be coming in French, but rather infrequently. 
I therefore thought it a good idea to introduce myself to my future audience. I don’t have any now. In a nutshell, I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rumble-in-the-Jungle country, for those of you old enough to remember. Or the world rape capital, sadly, as it has recently come to be known.
DRC is a country that seems absent from the growing interactions on the web….if not from most worthwhile interactions. Hope I will try and bring a modicum of change to that.
So being and blogging from my country is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is this puts me in a unique position, without any fierce, domestic competition. Geographical comparative advantage one would call it. This comes with responsibilities in terms of accuracy and building trust. The disadvantage is, strangely, the very same fact I am from a country seldom seen interacting online. Hence, chances are my blog will be seen only by those really keen on digging out stuffs about the DRC. How many of those are there?
I am ludicrously open-minded, pleasant to talk to and insatiable in the search for knowledge.
Being from DRC, I will endeavour to inform my audience, descriptively and analytically, on major developement unfolding in and around my country. But also of the minor things that often go unnoticed by news cameras.
If you are not too bored and are not one of the social media rebels, please follow me on Facebook and on Twitter

Next post will follow soon…


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